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August 11, 2014

Ten points for Gryffindor

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

What a great week. 
It started out when our best friends called us and invited us to spend our Pday with them at LEGO LAND.

​(terrible picture, I know..... 
but in my defense, you can't waste time taking good selfies when you've got a land of LEGOS to go play in!)
I start out wayyyy too many of my journal entries with "today was the best day ever." 
But Lego Land with our 8 year old best friends is somewhere near the top of my infinitely long "best day ever" list. 
Sometimes you've just gotta take Jesus' advice and become like a little child. 

We had two big Zone trainings this week! Oh how I love all my missionary friends. I'm completely convinced that the Denmark Copenhagen Mission is full of the best missionaries in the whole world.

This month our mission is studying Chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel. 
Its all about commitments. Commitment keeping isn't just important for investigators.... 
its important for missionaries, its important for members, its important for YOU. 
Because commitments are the building blocks of sacred covenants. And covenants are the building blocks of our eternal progression and salvation. 
Sister Pearson and I gave our training on the importance of Follow Up. 
"Extending an invitation without following up is like beginning a journey without finishing it or buying a ticket to a concert without going into the theater." (pmg 199)
We scooped ourselves big bowls of chocolate icecream at the beginning of our training and then forgot about them. Twenty minutes later- after discussing things and doing role plays and reading scriptures and what not- we went back for our icecream and it was all MELTED and good for nothing. 

The missionaries were mad at us for making their mouths water and letting the yummy icecream go to waste.... haha we thought we were pretty funny. 
But thats really what its like when you commit to do something or set a goal and then forget about it! Its SO important to follow up, and even more important to follow through.
So think about a goal you've set. 
Have you reached it? Have you been doing your best? What can you do better?

Well our chocolate icecream melted into sticky sweet soup and we couldn't partake of its goodness..... But its ok because we tried the icecream thing again and made banana split icecream sundaes for our best friend Daniel's birthday! 
My banana split icecream sundae didn't melt.......

​Buuuuuut it did end up all over my lap.
Icecream is just not on my side this week.

On a more successful note....
We wanted to do something extra fun for this birthday celebration. Because birthdays only come once a year! So we thought hey, lets watch a movie. Our missionary movie selection is limited to the Restoration, Finding Faith in Christ, and whatever else we can find on
But guess what can be found on 
The Phone Call.
This 25 minute comedy ranks up there with Napolean Dynomite. 
Watch it if you're bored. 
(And by bored I mean reeeeeealllyyyy bored.)
#missionarylife4life #success

On an even morrrrre successful note....
I made two new friends this week!!
We went to visit two girls from our ward who are inactive and are about our same age. 
When I first met Lærke her necklace immediately caught my eye...... 
she had the deathly hallows on a chain around her neck.
can you say Insta-bestfriends!? Lærke's sister even played 'Hedwig's theme' for me on the violin. It was the best day ever. Harry Potter really bonds people and brings people together ya know. And Lærke even came to institute with us this week! 
Dear Kaden, I've already made plans for us to go visit Lærke and Krista and play Harry Potter trivia when you come pick me up in Denmark. HP fans unite!

On Friday morning we were just beginning our companionship study and reading from the white handbook when the phone rang. It was Poul, a cute grandpa from our ward, and he said "Goodmorning! I'm over at the church and I just met this man who is very interested in receiving a Book of Mormon. Do you have time to come over here and bring him one?"
Forget companionship study, you bet we have time!! 
We slipped on our shoes, grabbed a blue book, and jotted across the street to the church, where we found a construction guy fixing something or other on our church building. Cute grandpa Poul had thought to stop and talk with this worker on his way into the church, and that simple act of friendship allowed us to teach Thomas about the book of mormon and how it can bless his life and his family.
10 points for Gryffindor!

It was a lovely week over here in the lovely land of Denmark.
I hope you all had a good one too! 
And I hope that if you ate icecream, it neither melted nor ended up all over your lap.
And I hope that if God places someone like Thomas in your path this week, you'll be friendly and reach out to them like Poul did. Because you really are the Lord's hands here on earth. 

Have a good first week of school kiddos!
Jeg elsker jer alle sammen.

more Xs and Os than you can count,
Sister Breanna Michele