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June 30, 2014

The Sisterhood of the traveling missionaries

This week has been nothing less than CRAZY. Sister Pearson and I were home for a total of 2 full days this week! 
But we're in love with our Gypsy Life.

We spent some time on the island of Fyn with the lovely Sisters who serve in a city called Odense. Sister Henderson and I had a fabulous time together. 

We went to visit their awesome investigator who comes from Greenland. I love Greenlandic people. Have you ever seen IceAge? (that was a dumb question.. of course you have.) Well Greenlanders look exactly like that! They are totally eskimos and its ADORABLE. Our eskimo friend Korna and her two eskimo kids -who make your heart melt because they are just that adorably cute- had these fantastic furry eskimo boots at their house. And guess what? Korna shot the Seal herself and made all the boots by hand. Some people are so neat.

Wednesday was a great day because we were home sweet home in Horsens......

In the morning we visited Iman to her some English again. Except she wasn't so interested in learning English this time.... 
She was just overflowing with questions about our church! And of course we were MORE than happy to answer them. She wants to come to church with us sometime and bring her 6 kids along :)

After that we darted on over to visit our friend Elly. Elly is WONDERFUL. She only has one leg, and her positive happy attitude is an inspiration to many. We've been teaching her all about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and she LOVES everything we teach her. The only thing thats been stopping her from getting baptized is that she feels like she needs to read the entire Book of Mormon first.... We've told her that its kind of like eating a cake.... You can try a few bites and know that the cake is good without having to eat the ENTIRE thing. Its totally fine to save some of the cake for later :)
On wednesday we invited Elly again to be baptized, and this time instead of getting caught up on the fact that she's only read through Mosiah, she said "Yes. But only if there will be someone to go in the water with me."
You bet there will be!! 
We love Elly.

We also met up with our Italian stallion friend Lorenzo. Can I just say, Lorenzo ROCKS. We taught him all about the Restoration and it totally made sense to him.

He just moved back to Italy for the summer, and we're sad that we don't get to see him again until August. But we gave him the info for church meeting houses over there in Italy and he's going to go to church and even meet with the missionaries there! 

Its a good thing I enjoy train rides because we spent a LOT of time on trains this week. 


We went to Copenhagen for our monthly sleepover at President's house and Mission Leadership Council meeting. My favorite part about those meetings is when the Zone Leaders give us all a report about the work and the miracles that have happened all over Denmark throughout the month. Its SO EXCITING. The work really is hastening people.
I especially love hearing about the success and progress of the people in my previous areas... Things are on FIRE back in Slagelse and its so fun to hear about! 
The West Sjælland Zone Leaders were telling us about how the whole Slagelse Ward went to the Temple a few days ago... 
President said "tell everyone about the reactivated sister who was able to join and participate in baptisms!" 
And suddenly the wheels in my head started turning as I got all excited wracking my brain for who that could be.....

Then one of the elders started to tell everyone about "Tina Di Bella......" 
and Tears.
Tears falling down my face. Tears spilling all over my lap.
It was the best moment of my WHOLE mission when I found out that my best friend Tina was able to go back to the temple for the first time in 6 years. My heart was so so full.

But just wait everybody. This week gets even better. 

After our inspiring meeting and delicious Sister Sederholm food on friday afternoon, Sister Pearson and I hopped on yet another train.
Destination: SLAGELSE.
It was a journey to the past... All the memories of my greenie days flooded my mind as we walked through my hometown's storybook streets. Everything was exactly the same as it was when I first arrived there over a year ago.... Everything except for me.
We spent the evening helping Sister Vige and Sister Handley clean up the church and bake dozens of sugar cookies, and then...
We ate Italian pasta and Icecream with the one and only Tina Di Bella. It was a dream come true.

But here's the real story! Do you remember my sweet friend Bettina? Sister Grant and I had our very first lesson with Bettina on Sister Grants very first day in Slagelse. Cute Sister Grant was a brand new missionary when she asked Bettina if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized. And on Saturday June 28th, Bettina dressed all in white and made a promise to follow the Savior. 

She belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She knows who she is. She knows Gods plan. She's following Him in faith. 

Life couldn't get ANY better.

Sister Pearson and I basically ran church yesterday.... We had to teach the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting on the spot with a 5 minutes notice. And then we taught Sunday School as well. And then I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and Sister P translated. You know you're a ripe old missionary when things like this don't even phase you....

We also named the Spiders that hang out at our house. Because we figured if we gave them really nice names maybe they wouldn't scare us so much! So now we have spider friends named Mom. And Dad. And Larry. Larry has a brother that comes around sometimes as well. We call him the brother of Larry.

And hey Dad, (not the spider.... I'm talking to you Benjamin King Daddy...) I just want to let you know that I am a bicycle wizard! Both mine and Sister P's bikes have been out of order for the past week or so.... and so I found some spoons and a bucket of water and some bike patches and now we are back in action! I hope you're proud.
There's lots of things I've learned to do in a skirt....

I hope you all have a GREAT week. 
Remember that
"the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world 
are the ones who actually do."

vi snakkes ved.
Søster Rogers

 One time our bishop asked Sister Pearson if she was Polynesian. And one time our investigator asked me if I was from South America. We found these Hawain/Mexican hats and thought they were made for our companionship.
 ​Hippie gypsies.
​Bright as day. This is a Danish summer night

June 23, 2014

Catching up

Hi everybody!
I was lazy last week and decided not to send a big email........ 
But now I regret it. Because lots of awesome things happened. And if I don't write them down no one will ever know.... including my future self. and my future children. 
What if Nephi felt lazy and had decided not to write on the plates after he built that ship....?
I'm calling myself to repentance for being slothful because of the easiness of the way. And now I'm going to tell you about the last TWO weeks. I'll try to keep it down to the size of the small plates instead of the large ones. But still... I hope your chair is comfy.

It came to pass that I, Sister Rogers traveled to the city of Århus for ZONE CONFERENCE. Which rocked.
I found a giant name tag in the primary room and I wore it all day. (Maybe we should all wear giant name tags all the time... then everyone will know we're missionaries from a mile away!) And Sister Pearson and I may or may not have worn matching outfits again. Because it was just so fun the first time. 
And because we think we're twins. Like our adorable 8 year old friends Emma and Rebekka who just got baptized.
​But anyways. At Zone Conference we learned about the gift of tongues and what that really encompasses... Its not just about Danish! Or Polish or Spanish or Croatian or any of those other crazy foreign languages that missionaries all over the world are trying to learn. 
There are some other languages that are really important for us all to learn. (and by us all I don't just mean the full time missionary force) If you want to understand people and you want to communicate with people and you want to help people, you have to understand love languages, body languages, and the language of the spirit. These languages are universal. And crucial. And just as important- if not more important- than spoken language. So yeah. Ponder on that. 

I know I've told you all a million times how awesome Zone Conferences are... How the Spirit is unbelievably strong and everyone's faith sky rockets. If you didn't believe me before, let me tell you a little story... 2 of the Sisters brought one of their investigators along. He walked into the building and came to our missionary meeting that morning as a devout Atheist. He left the building a few hours later with a baptismal date.
Holy Hannah Montana. The church is true.

After the big Zone Conference Sister Pearson took off to a beautiful place called Bornholm, and I got to be companions with Sister Rigby for the week!
 We went down to her area for the first few days and it was AWESOME. I felt so blessed to spend time with Sister Rigby and get to know her investigators and the people that the sisters are working with in Esbjerg. I got to meet their fabulous friend Kristina. She used to be one of those typical partying drinking Danes, then one day her mormon friend invited her to come to a young single adult activity. She went. And she loved it. And long story short..... She started coming to church and started meeting with the missionaries and now she is a completely different person. She's getting baptized next weekend and getting married to a mormon guy that she met at church a week later. 

Is the gospel not amazing?! 
My little trip to Esbjerg was amazing too.
I had this moment when I realized that I've been in Denmark for over a year. And in that moment I realized how much I've changed throughout that year.... 
This moment happened while I was riding a men's street bike. 
You see, a year ago when I first got to Denmark I was given a men's bike to ride, and I was SO annoyed and frustrated about it. I didn't want to ride that uncomfortable bike all day. Especially while wearing a skirt. And I was pretty bitter inside! 
And then when I went to Esbjerg a year later, I was once again given a men's street bike to ride. But this time my attitude was quite the opposite! 
It was terribly uncomfortable. It hurt my back. It was horribly awkward in a skirt. And I was FAR from graceful trying to get on and off that thing.... 
But I felt happy. And I wasn't annoyed or frustrated or bitter about my life at all.
So yes. I'm a better person today than I was a year ago.
Denmark has changed me.
Sister Rigby and I were quite exhausted after traveling between our areas and cramming a weeks worth of work into both of our cities. 
So it was wonderful when my companion came home and things went back to normal again. I missed my comp while she was gone! Sister Pearson rocks. 
Having a companion totally rocks. After 15 months of missionary life I'm totally used to being with someone 24/7 and deciding EVERYTHING together and doing everyyyyything together. But I'm not just used to it, I also LOVE it. I love having a companion! Its like having a perma-buddy. You've always got someone to laugh with. Through thick and thin. You've always got someone by your side. (Literally.) And I'm beginning to understand why lots of return missionaries jump on the marriage train right away..... Because as my "death date" creeps closer and closer I'm realizing how much I really do LOVE having a companion. I love being "we" instead of just "me". 
NOOOOOO I am NOT expressing a desire to get married ANYTIME soon. I'm just expressing my love for my companions! Thats all. Perma-buddies are great. But I don't want an eterna-buddy yet.
Ok. Glad we cleared that up.

Well anyways. Sister Pearson came home and everything was normal for about 5 hours.... 
And then we hopped on another train down to the GORGEOUS city of Vejle. 
Think about San Francisco with a Danish twist. And thats Vejle for you. 
We got to go on exchanges in that gorgeous city with two of the most gorgeous sisters who surprised us with ROOTBEER FLOATS. (American childhood happening in my mouth.) 
 Awesome sisters and root beer floats make our crazy hectic traveling gypsy life totally worth it. 
I got to spend the day with Sister Wright, who just barely finished her training a few weeks ago. But if you didn't know she was a brand new missionary, you would never guess! She's a champion. Every time that she talked to someone on the bus or on the street I thought she already knew them.... She's just that loving and friendly and personable. If only everyone in the world was a little more like her.
Sister Wright and I visited this neat man named Kasper. He had a telescope! And when he let me look through it and check out the sun spots my dream of becoming an Astronomer re-surfaced. 
Despite Kasper's interest in science and astronomy he was very believing and very Christian, and I thought he was totally golden and prepared for baptism because he believed in everything we believe in. Or so I thought. You see towards the end of our lesson he started telling us all about how he discovered that mankind originated on Mars. Until a few million years ago when the humans found out that Mars wouldn't be able to support life much longer, so they flew through the stars and came to earth and brought birds with them. And that's how life on earth started. 
Kasper said it made perfect sense because "how else could you explain the feather?"

Oh man. I love being a missionary.

That night Sister P and I were heading back home to Horsens. And we were just having a nice little chat about never going back to America and becoming gypsies or pirates instead, when we looked out the window and realized that the train wasn't stopping.... Horsens flashed past and the train just kept speeding along! We'd gotten on the wrong train and had to travel clear up to Århus, switch trains, and then travel back home. It was quite frustrating and we were exhausted when we FINALLY made it back to our little home just before bedtime. 
Maybe it was God's way of telling me that becoming a gypsy or a pirate is a bad idea, and going home someday is a good idea after all.
Because there's no place like home.

But on the bright side, we found Ben&Jerry's at the train station in Århus. 
 Have I told you about our sweet friend Iman? Probably not. She's a new friend. Iman comes from Iraq and we started meeting with her because she wants to learn English. She's lived in Denmark for about 10 years, and she's divorced with 6 kids to take care of. Its hard for her to be so far from her home and family, and she loves it when we visit her. We use the Book of Mormon to teach her, and she reads from it in both Danish and English so that she can learn. I told her how reading the Book of Mormon every day in Danish has really helped me to learn the language, and that I knew it could help her with English as well. And then she said "You're right. Its helping. But I feel that this book will help me with more than just learning English.... I feel that this book will help me with my life. When I read the Book of Mormon, and when I pray the way you taught me, I feel peace and I feel protected." 

My testimony of prayer and of the Book of Mormon strengthened x10 that day.

The crowning event of the past two weeks was definitely Saturday night when we went to visit our best friend Daniel. 
Daniel helps us with Danish. We help him try to re-find his faith in God and Jesus Christ. 
Its a great thing we've got goin.
We brought the Elders along, and after our language lesson we all went around the room and shared our favorite scripture. The spirit was really strong and if Daniel's faith didn't grow a little bit, atleast mine did. My faith always grows when I share my testimony. And it also grows when I hear others bare testimony too. The best was listening to Elder Bateman (better known as Elder Batman) share his favorite scripture and his testimony. (Elder Batman has only been in Denmark for 3 weeks now.) I don't remember what scripture he shared or what he said exactly... I just remember that I could feel the Spirit. And it reminded me of what we learned that day in Zone Conference.... the language of love and the language of the Spirit really are so much more powerful and influential than anything else.
And then we had dessert! 
(As if root beer floats and ben&jerry's wasn't enough dessert for the week..... #yolo #YOSO you only serve once.)
But check this out. We invented it. 
 Sister Pearson and I love ice cream. Daniel loves bacon. Bacon sundae. With maple syrup. Its a good thing we've got goin.
Really though..... it was super tasty. You should try it. Just wake up early and go for a run the next morning so your heart doesn't stop beating. 

Well I could probably keep rambling about my day to day life for another few hours. But I promised you the small plates. And your chairs definitely aren't comfy enough for any more stories. 
But hey, if you want to tell me about your life I'D LOVE IT. Even if I don't know you! All the more exciting. 
I'll just be honest, p days are gettin a little boring! 
So if you ever get bored too, send me a quick email! 
Or else you could go eat a bacon sundae :)
I hver faldt, ha' det godt!
Sister Rog
 Sanfransisco with a Danish twist
 ​the giant white men in Esbjerg are pretty neat.

June 9, 2014

I dont wanna miss a thing

Let me tell you a fun story.
We had leadership council in Copenhagen this week,
and Sister Pearson and I headed in to the big city a few hours early to spend our P day there. We'd actually heard that Miley Cyrus was in Copenhagen, so we were keeping our eyes open because we wanted to meet her and give her a Book of Mormon. So we thought "If we were crazy rock stars spending a day in Copenhagen, where would we go?" We decided to take our quest to the huge shopping streets. We didn't find Miley there, but we did find giant ice cream cones! So then we figured that a famous person might want to see some of the neat sights that Denmark has to offer... Everybody needs to see Den Lille Havfrue when they come to Copenhagen, so we ventured on over there.
While we were thus snapping a few candids in front of the famous Little Mermaid statue, 
a man with crazy hair and sunglasses caught our eye. He looked oddly familiar. We heard the lady he was with tell him to quickly go stand in front of the statue so they could take a quick picture and slip away before anyone even noticed. We remained all nonchalant as we watched him take off his sunglasses for about 5 seconds to take a pic, and guess who was hiding behind those shades..... STEVEN TYLER. 
Turns out Sister P and I are pretty good star chasers after all! We met Steven Tyler! (And by 'met' I mean that we said "Hi" as he wobbled awkwardly on his bicycle, and then he looked at us and smiled and said "Hi" back.) 
When we got back to Horsens the next day we found our town plastered with Aerosmith posters.... turns out Steven Tyler came to Denmark to play a concert that was happening within earshot of our own apartment! And I fell asleep that night to the sound of Aerosmith outside my bedroom window. 
I don't wanna close my eyes... I don't wanna fall asleep... I don't wanna miss a thing.

Lots of other awesome things have happened this week. 

There is a cute family in our ward with adorable 8 year old twin girls, and we get to teach them the lessons before they get baptized next Sunday. I love being in their gospel centered home where you can just feel the love the whole family has for each other. We taught with them about the Restoration, and their 8 year old testimonies of their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ strengthened my own. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon, and their 12 year old brother told us that he had a big testimony of Mormons Bog. He shared with us about the time when we heard his grandfather share his testimony about the Book of Mormon, and how he felt the Spirit touch his heart when he was listening to his grandpa. So that night he kneeled down and asked God if it really was true, because he wanted to have a testimony just like his grandfather's. 
As I sat in their home and listened to the testimony that that sweet 12 year old boy shared, I noticed his little sisters looking up at him like he was their hero and his parents looking at him with so much love in their eyes. I felt so blessed to be a part of that beautiful moment. I'm so excited to have my own family like that someday. I'm going to teach my children all about their Savior. I'm going to teach them to love Christ by the way that I love Him and by the way I love them.
After laughing and jumping and bouncing and hopping on the trampoline with the adorable twins, we rode our bikes home into the sunset and I felt so thankful. 
I don't know what I did to deserve this. For the past 14 months God has been pouring blessings on me and showering me with miracles and surrounding me with His love. I haven't done enough good things in my life to deserve all these beautiful experiences and blessings.

We brought lunch and ate in the college cafeteria with our friend Ankhaa again this week. As we ate french toast on a cafeteria table we started teaching Ankhaa about the restoration of the gospel. After my companion talked a little bit about Jesus Christ I asked Ankhaa how she feels about Jesus and what He means to her. She didn't know what to say... She said that she couldn't answer because she doesn't actually know anything about Him.
That hit me really hard! Here's this beautiful person that I love and she doesn't know anything about her Savior. So we asked Ankhaa if we could start teaching her about Jesus Christ. She got really excited! She told us that she could see how much we love Jesus and how much He means to us and makes us so happy, and that because of that she wants to learn all about Him. As soon as her classes are over she wants us to teach her everything we know about Jesus.
I am SO excited to teach her about the Son of God. I'm so excited to teach her about her older brother. About her Savior who paid the price for her sins and made it possible for her to live again.
I love Jesus so much. I'm so glad He is a part of my life and a part of who I am.
I don't know what I did to deserve this. For the past 21 years I've been so blessed with knowledge of my Savior. I don't know why I was so blessed while other wonderful people like my best friend Ankhaa have no knowledge of Him at all......
But what I do know is that I've been given an opportunity to share theses things that I've been so blessed with. And I'm going to do everything I can to thank God for the beautiful blessings He never stops giving me. By sharing the gospel with everyone that will listen.

Sister Pearson and I love praying with people on the street. Its on my list of favorite hobbies. (Along with grocery shopping, chasing buses, and knitting with old ladies.) I love stopping and talking with people on the street and telling them about the gospel. And then asking them if we can say a little prayer with them before we go. They ALWAYS say either "yes" "sure" or "why not". Maybe it seems a little awkward, but its actually fantastic. Because when they hear you pray for them they find out that you care about them and that you are glad you met them. It also shows them your relationship with God. And I also think that they can feel a special spirit... Because prayers are how we connect Heaven and earth.

On our way to an appointment yesterday evening Sister Pearson and I were talking about lactose intolerance and other random things. We were speaking in Danish because we've made it a goal to speak the language more. And there was a young man walking close behind us who interrupted our Dansk samtaler and asked us -in English- why all the stores were going to be closed in Denmark tomorrow. He was from Finland, and when he heard us speaking he thought we were Danes. Well we ended up talking with him and getting to know him for a few minutes. He was super nice and had a neat earing and a rad tattoo and a nappy beard and a euro hair cut. We told him we were missionaries and he gave us high fives for being Christian. He wants to learn about our church and he wants to come to our young single adult activities! He's GREAT. And before we left we prayed a prayer with him right there on the street.

On our way home after that appointment the idea popped into my head that we should go stop by our awesome friend Lorenzo. So we took the long way home and headed toward his apartment. And as we were walking down a little street, we saw none other than Lorenzo riding his bicycle straight towards us, on his way to a friends house. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! If we would have been there 2 minutes sooner or 2 minutes later we would have missed him. But he stopped on his bike and we had a nice little chat with him about school and finals and repentance and forgiveness and Jesus Christ. And before we left we prayed a prayer with him right there on the street.

After that we made our way home and sat on the front steps of our castle to report our weekly numbers to our district leader. As I was talking to Elder Ockey about the lessons we'd had throughout the week I saw in my planner that we'd made it a goal to get 10 lessons. And we had only gotten 9. Well when I hung up the phone it was only 8:50 and we had ten minutes left in the week! So we took off down the street to find someone we could share a lesson with. Because when you set a goal you should do EVERYTHING you can to reach it. Only 3 minutes had past when we met a cute Ukranian girl on her way home from the university. We talked with her about her family and about Jesus Christ. Invited her to a church activity. And prayed a prayer right there on the street. 

Well I just realized that I rambled about my life for ten years and the only three people who will actually read this whole monstrous thing are my mom and my dad and the future me. Hi mom! Hi dad! Hi future sister rogers who is probably reading this to relive the mission days because she misses Denmark way too much. 

Good thing I'm still in Denmark right now though.
Every single day I spend in this country is cram packed with incredible people and beautiful miracles and wonderful blessings.
I don't wanna close my eyes. I don't wanna fall asleep. I don't wanna miss a thing.

Jeg elsker jer.

​(Ok so we were star struck and slow on the camera reflexes..... and then there was a tree conveniently in the way. 
So you're just gonna have to exercise a little bit of faith.)
STEVEN TYLER everybody! 

 Sister Training Leaders

June 2, 2014

Hej alle sammen!

I'm just gonna give you a little rundown of my awesome week.

Sister HALE and Sister Briscoe came to Horsens on Tuesday and I got to spend the day with Sister Briscoe. She's a rock star missionary. We went over to the university to meet with our investigator Ankhaa during her lunch break... and we ended up sitting at a table in the busy cafeteria, teaching a table full of college students all about the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel. It was soo neat.

Then that night we had a Relief Society activity with all the sweet sisters in our ward. One of our new investigators came and so did one of our less active friends so that was great! It was a big spa night and we got to do face masks and makeovers and nails and girly things that missionaries neverrrr have time for. It was a blast! Our cute friend Lisbet painted our fingernails and it was adorable because she'd  never painted anyone's nails in her life. Sister Pearson and I did each others makeup- the dramatic eyeshadow and sparkly eyeliner and fluorescent lipstick brought me right on back to my "Jetettes Super Great" glory days...
Don't worry, we washed the makeup off before knocking on any doors!
​(the Amanda face. in honor of my best friend getting married this week.)

On Wednesday we met with our awesome friend Dan. He stopped coming to church several years ago and is kind of Atheist now... The last time we met with him we had asked him to make a list of 10 reasons why God loves him. And he did it!! It was a beautiful list. He doesn't really believe in God so he said he doesn't necessarily believe in his list.... but I know it meant something to him somewhere inside of him. 
Even if Dan doesn't believe in God, God believes in him.
Daniel ...and all the rest of my atheist friends for that matter... are always saying that if they had evidence or proof or a sign then they would believe in God. Well I read in Alma 32:17-19 the other day 
Yea, there are many who do say: If thou whilt show unto us a sign from heaven, then we shall know of a surety; then we shall believe.
Now I ask, is this faith? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe, for he knoweth it.
And now, how much more cursed is he that knoweth the will of God and doeth it not, than he that only believeth, or only hath cause to believe, and falleth into transgression?
and I realized that God doesn't give us signs because he LOVES us and He doesn't want to have to hold us accountable and judge us based on our knowledge rather than just our belief. If you think you want a sign, think again.

Saturday was fabulous because our daughters came to visit us!!! Sister Grant (who I trained) and Sister Packard (who my comp Sister Pearson trained) are companions together. Isn't that cute? They came to Horsens to go on exchanges with us and it was just wonderful. Sister Grant is just the sweetest best nicest person in the world and I adore her and love her to pieces. She's been in Denmark for about 8 months now! It was AMAZING to see how much she has learned and grown since I finished training her back in December and since she first got to the country in October. Sister Grant is bold and not afraid to talk to anyone and her Danish is awesome and she's an amazing teacher. I could go on a Sister Grant Rant all day because she is just an outstanding missionary and I was so so blessed to be companions with her again for a day.

One evening Sister Pearson and I met with our Bulgarian friend Ruslan. We were sitting on a rickety picnic table under a dumpster shed. Sister P and I in our skirts and name tags. Our investigator with his crazy hair and his cigarette. Talking about repentance and the influence that faith in God and Jesus Christ has in our lives. It was an awesome lesson. Then Ruslan bought us all a chicken bacon pizza and we ate it in the laundromat because it was a little bit chilly outside. And then I had a flash forward vision a few months into the future. Where I'm longing to get these missionary moments back again....

Its been such a good week.
I live in a castle. My bathroom has heated floors and our church building is right across the street. 
I have an awesome best friend/companion who makes up raps with me and trains for a zombie apocalypse with me in the graveyard every morning (Because "zombie apocalypse raining" is way more fun than "exercising"). 
My shoes have holes in them but it doesn't even matter because it hasn't been rainy.
And on top of all those great things, I got a text message from the missionaries in Frederiksberg that said 
"Søster Rogers, Tak for den dag du fulgte Åndens vejledning og fandte Christian. Han har omvendt sig og er nu blevet døbt. Han har et ønske at fortsætte at følge Kristus og være et godt medlem af kirken til enden. Det sagde han i dag da han bar sit vidnesbyrd lige efter han blev døbt. Han er taknemmelig for den dag han mødte "rockers" på gaden." 
(google translate should do the job.)

I don't ever want this mission thing to end.

Have a good week everybody! 
Find some time to write a list of 10 evidences of God's love for you.
Og husk at jeg elsker jer! 
Sister Rog
​Sister Pearson and I both had the same llama shirt! So we decided to go ALL OUT for district meeting. And then the elders wrote a story about us. It goes something like this:
If the sisters have a matching shirt, they're gonna want to buy a matching skirt. If they have a matching skirt, they're gonna want to wear matching belts. And if they wear a matching belt, they're going to need matching hair.....
I think it totally competes with if you give a mouse a cookie.

We decided to take our studies to the park this lovely morning!