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August 25, 2014

Killing me softly with his love

Sister Pearson and I had a rockin last week together. 

​It was such a blessing to serve with such an incredible gal for 3 whole transfers. We worked so hard and had so much fun! Sister Pearson sure changed a lot of lives here in Denmark.... including MINE. 

When she left I felt exactly how George felt when Fred died..... 
#twins #seeyouontheotherside #partyintheUSA

And now, its almost my turn to die......................

Its the beginning of the end.
My very last transfer starts TODAY. I can't think about that too hard or else my heart just breaks!
But let me just tell you this: God is SO NICE.
He's killing me softly. With his love.

Sister P went home one week early so that she could make it back in time for school to start. Another sister did the same thing..... leaving both me and Sister Vige companion-less for the week. Why don't you just guess where Sister Vige is serving.


That's right. I got to spend a WHOLE WEEK serving in my hometown again!!! 

It was the most wonderful week in the world. My week in Slagelse was truly a gift from God. 
Like I said, He is just SO NICE.

I had such a grand time serving with Sister Vige. She is from Norway and was just the most delightful companion ever! Shame we only got to be companions for one week.....

OH but what a glorious week it was.
We taught a lot of lessons, did a lot of service, sang a lot of songs, visited a lot of friends, and ate a LOT of delicious food. Welcome home Sister Rogers :)
It was just soooooo great to see everybody again. And to see how their testimonies have continued to blossom and grow. The best part was going to church on Sunday! I even got to speak in sacrament meeting! 

My heart was so full all week long. I couldn't have asked for a greater blessing, than to spend a whole week at the end of my mission right back where this incredible journey began.

And just wait, God's kindness doesn't even stop there.........

I jumped and danced and shouted for joy when I got my transfer call this week!
My best friend/soul sister/ favorite person on the PLANET Sister Denali Hale!! 
The same Sister Denali Hale that was my companion for those magical 7 weeks in Copenhagen back at Christmas time. TOGETHER AGAIN! Wooohoooo! This is a dream come true. Somebody pinch me. I couldn't even ask for a better way to end my mission. 
You see what I mean??? GOD IS SO NICE. I don't know what I did to deserve this. He's spoiling me rotten. 

Killing me softly with His love.

Have a wonderful week everybody! 
Sister Rogers

 Faking a smile. Farvel min ven!

 ​Service day every day. jo tak!

 Garden work with Tina
 Tina and Fran!
 My gorgeous friend Natascha inspires me. And everyone else around her!
 æbleskiver. lækkert.
​Slagelse distrikt 
sweet sweet Bettina! 

​​home sweet pink home for a week in slagelse!