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June 2, 2014

Hej alle sammen!

I'm just gonna give you a little rundown of my awesome week.

Sister HALE and Sister Briscoe came to Horsens on Tuesday and I got to spend the day with Sister Briscoe. She's a rock star missionary. We went over to the university to meet with our investigator Ankhaa during her lunch break... and we ended up sitting at a table in the busy cafeteria, teaching a table full of college students all about the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel. It was soo neat.

Then that night we had a Relief Society activity with all the sweet sisters in our ward. One of our new investigators came and so did one of our less active friends so that was great! It was a big spa night and we got to do face masks and makeovers and nails and girly things that missionaries neverrrr have time for. It was a blast! Our cute friend Lisbet painted our fingernails and it was adorable because she'd  never painted anyone's nails in her life. Sister Pearson and I did each others makeup- the dramatic eyeshadow and sparkly eyeliner and fluorescent lipstick brought me right on back to my "Jetettes Super Great" glory days...
Don't worry, we washed the makeup off before knocking on any doors!
​(the Amanda face. in honor of my best friend getting married this week.)

On Wednesday we met with our awesome friend Dan. He stopped coming to church several years ago and is kind of Atheist now... The last time we met with him we had asked him to make a list of 10 reasons why God loves him. And he did it!! It was a beautiful list. He doesn't really believe in God so he said he doesn't necessarily believe in his list.... but I know it meant something to him somewhere inside of him. 
Even if Dan doesn't believe in God, God believes in him.
Daniel ...and all the rest of my atheist friends for that matter... are always saying that if they had evidence or proof or a sign then they would believe in God. Well I read in Alma 32:17-19 the other day 
Yea, there are many who do say: If thou whilt show unto us a sign from heaven, then we shall know of a surety; then we shall believe.
Now I ask, is this faith? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe, for he knoweth it.
And now, how much more cursed is he that knoweth the will of God and doeth it not, than he that only believeth, or only hath cause to believe, and falleth into transgression?
and I realized that God doesn't give us signs because he LOVES us and He doesn't want to have to hold us accountable and judge us based on our knowledge rather than just our belief. If you think you want a sign, think again.

Saturday was fabulous because our daughters came to visit us!!! Sister Grant (who I trained) and Sister Packard (who my comp Sister Pearson trained) are companions together. Isn't that cute? They came to Horsens to go on exchanges with us and it was just wonderful. Sister Grant is just the sweetest best nicest person in the world and I adore her and love her to pieces. She's been in Denmark for about 8 months now! It was AMAZING to see how much she has learned and grown since I finished training her back in December and since she first got to the country in October. Sister Grant is bold and not afraid to talk to anyone and her Danish is awesome and she's an amazing teacher. I could go on a Sister Grant Rant all day because she is just an outstanding missionary and I was so so blessed to be companions with her again for a day.

One evening Sister Pearson and I met with our Bulgarian friend Ruslan. We were sitting on a rickety picnic table under a dumpster shed. Sister P and I in our skirts and name tags. Our investigator with his crazy hair and his cigarette. Talking about repentance and the influence that faith in God and Jesus Christ has in our lives. It was an awesome lesson. Then Ruslan bought us all a chicken bacon pizza and we ate it in the laundromat because it was a little bit chilly outside. And then I had a flash forward vision a few months into the future. Where I'm longing to get these missionary moments back again....

Its been such a good week.
I live in a castle. My bathroom has heated floors and our church building is right across the street. 
I have an awesome best friend/companion who makes up raps with me and trains for a zombie apocalypse with me in the graveyard every morning (Because "zombie apocalypse raining" is way more fun than "exercising"). 
My shoes have holes in them but it doesn't even matter because it hasn't been rainy.
And on top of all those great things, I got a text message from the missionaries in Frederiksberg that said 
"Søster Rogers, Tak for den dag du fulgte Åndens vejledning og fandte Christian. Han har omvendt sig og er nu blevet døbt. Han har et ønske at fortsætte at følge Kristus og være et godt medlem af kirken til enden. Det sagde han i dag da han bar sit vidnesbyrd lige efter han blev døbt. Han er taknemmelig for den dag han mødte "rockers" på gaden." 
(google translate should do the job.)

I don't ever want this mission thing to end.

Have a good week everybody! 
Find some time to write a list of 10 evidences of God's love for you.
Og husk at jeg elsker jer! 
Sister Rog
​Sister Pearson and I both had the same llama shirt! So we decided to go ALL OUT for district meeting. And then the elders wrote a story about us. It goes something like this:
If the sisters have a matching shirt, they're gonna want to buy a matching skirt. If they have a matching skirt, they're gonna want to wear matching belts. And if they wear a matching belt, they're going to need matching hair.....
I think it totally competes with if you give a mouse a cookie.

We decided to take our studies to the park this lovely morning!