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June 30, 2014

The Sisterhood of the traveling missionaries

This week has been nothing less than CRAZY. Sister Pearson and I were home for a total of 2 full days this week! 
But we're in love with our Gypsy Life.

We spent some time on the island of Fyn with the lovely Sisters who serve in a city called Odense. Sister Henderson and I had a fabulous time together. 

We went to visit their awesome investigator who comes from Greenland. I love Greenlandic people. Have you ever seen IceAge? (that was a dumb question.. of course you have.) Well Greenlanders look exactly like that! They are totally eskimos and its ADORABLE. Our eskimo friend Korna and her two eskimo kids -who make your heart melt because they are just that adorably cute- had these fantastic furry eskimo boots at their house. And guess what? Korna shot the Seal herself and made all the boots by hand. Some people are so neat.

Wednesday was a great day because we were home sweet home in Horsens......

In the morning we visited Iman to her some English again. Except she wasn't so interested in learning English this time.... 
She was just overflowing with questions about our church! And of course we were MORE than happy to answer them. She wants to come to church with us sometime and bring her 6 kids along :)

After that we darted on over to visit our friend Elly. Elly is WONDERFUL. She only has one leg, and her positive happy attitude is an inspiration to many. We've been teaching her all about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and she LOVES everything we teach her. The only thing thats been stopping her from getting baptized is that she feels like she needs to read the entire Book of Mormon first.... We've told her that its kind of like eating a cake.... You can try a few bites and know that the cake is good without having to eat the ENTIRE thing. Its totally fine to save some of the cake for later :)
On wednesday we invited Elly again to be baptized, and this time instead of getting caught up on the fact that she's only read through Mosiah, she said "Yes. But only if there will be someone to go in the water with me."
You bet there will be!! 
We love Elly.

We also met up with our Italian stallion friend Lorenzo. Can I just say, Lorenzo ROCKS. We taught him all about the Restoration and it totally made sense to him.

He just moved back to Italy for the summer, and we're sad that we don't get to see him again until August. But we gave him the info for church meeting houses over there in Italy and he's going to go to church and even meet with the missionaries there! 

Its a good thing I enjoy train rides because we spent a LOT of time on trains this week. 


We went to Copenhagen for our monthly sleepover at President's house and Mission Leadership Council meeting. My favorite part about those meetings is when the Zone Leaders give us all a report about the work and the miracles that have happened all over Denmark throughout the month. Its SO EXCITING. The work really is hastening people.
I especially love hearing about the success and progress of the people in my previous areas... Things are on FIRE back in Slagelse and its so fun to hear about! 
The West Sjælland Zone Leaders were telling us about how the whole Slagelse Ward went to the Temple a few days ago... 
President said "tell everyone about the reactivated sister who was able to join and participate in baptisms!" 
And suddenly the wheels in my head started turning as I got all excited wracking my brain for who that could be.....

Then one of the elders started to tell everyone about "Tina Di Bella......" 
and Tears.
Tears falling down my face. Tears spilling all over my lap.
It was the best moment of my WHOLE mission when I found out that my best friend Tina was able to go back to the temple for the first time in 6 years. My heart was so so full.

But just wait everybody. This week gets even better. 

After our inspiring meeting and delicious Sister Sederholm food on friday afternoon, Sister Pearson and I hopped on yet another train.
Destination: SLAGELSE.
It was a journey to the past... All the memories of my greenie days flooded my mind as we walked through my hometown's storybook streets. Everything was exactly the same as it was when I first arrived there over a year ago.... Everything except for me.
We spent the evening helping Sister Vige and Sister Handley clean up the church and bake dozens of sugar cookies, and then...
We ate Italian pasta and Icecream with the one and only Tina Di Bella. It was a dream come true.

But here's the real story! Do you remember my sweet friend Bettina? Sister Grant and I had our very first lesson with Bettina on Sister Grants very first day in Slagelse. Cute Sister Grant was a brand new missionary when she asked Bettina if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized. And on Saturday June 28th, Bettina dressed all in white and made a promise to follow the Savior. 

She belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She knows who she is. She knows Gods plan. She's following Him in faith. 

Life couldn't get ANY better.

Sister Pearson and I basically ran church yesterday.... We had to teach the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting on the spot with a 5 minutes notice. And then we taught Sunday School as well. And then I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and Sister P translated. You know you're a ripe old missionary when things like this don't even phase you....

We also named the Spiders that hang out at our house. Because we figured if we gave them really nice names maybe they wouldn't scare us so much! So now we have spider friends named Mom. And Dad. And Larry. Larry has a brother that comes around sometimes as well. We call him the brother of Larry.

And hey Dad, (not the spider.... I'm talking to you Benjamin King Daddy...) I just want to let you know that I am a bicycle wizard! Both mine and Sister P's bikes have been out of order for the past week or so.... and so I found some spoons and a bucket of water and some bike patches and now we are back in action! I hope you're proud.
There's lots of things I've learned to do in a skirt....

I hope you all have a GREAT week. 
Remember that
"the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world 
are the ones who actually do."

vi snakkes ved.
Søster Rogers

 One time our bishop asked Sister Pearson if she was Polynesian. And one time our investigator asked me if I was from South America. We found these Hawain/Mexican hats and thought they were made for our companionship.
 ​Hippie gypsies.
​Bright as day. This is a Danish summer night