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May 7, 2013


Kolby har fødselsdag, og det har han jo og det er i dag!!! Kolby har fødselsdag og det har han jo i dag!!!!!!!!
(Me singing the Danish happy birthday song to Kolby. PS the Danish song is wayyyyyyy cooler than the English one. It's like ten minutes long. Go youtube it or something.)
MY BABY BROTHER TURNS 12 TODAY!!!!! Tillykke med fødselsdag my little Kolbster!! Du er super mega fet og jeg elsker dig!!!
Well this week has been GREAT. And like the most hilarious week ever.... I'll tell you some funny stories.
So one morning I was alone in our bedroom while my roommates were taking showers and stuff. It was a beautiful morning so I opened the window and pulled my chair up next to it, where I peacefully ate my bowl of cereal with the sun shining on my face. When all of the sudden a DEMON BIRD FLEW IN RIGHT AT ME!!! I may or may not have jumped ten feet out of my chair and screamed really loud. and that's right when my companions walked in. They laughed at me. :(
Haha then on cinco de mayo our district had a llama pinata! Except for we didn't have any string. So Elder Metcalf hung it up with his dental floss and we all started beating it with our classroom's feather duster. The floss and duster combination didn't work out so well.... so we found a broom and played baseball with the little llama pinata instead. Whoever says the MTC is lame, is OUT OF THEIR MIND.
Ok, one more funny story. Last night all my roommates and I decided to go take showers at the same time. Aaaaaaand we all forgot to take our room keys. So we were locked out of our room in our towels for half an hour! I almost had to go across the whole MTC campus in my bathrobe to get a key from the main office!! But luckily our branch president's wife saved the day by showing up and being more than willing to go get a key for us. :)
Even though this week was hilarious and fun, I probably learned and grew more than ever before.
The other day we got to teach a lesson over skype with a member who speaks Danish. We just talked with her about the Book of Mormon and shared our testimonies, and then at the end of the lesson the lady couldn't stop thanking us. She told us that her teenage son has been very inactive and that she's been praying for him and praying for help. She said that we had really brought the Spirit into her home, even just through skype, and that she knew her son would be able to feel of that spirit. It was such a neat experience!
Another day my companions and I prepared a lesson to teach our "investigator" named Mads. We had this whole great lesson planned out about faith in Jesus Christ and about the atonement. We found all these great scriptures and just knew that it would be our best lesson yet! But... when the time came we didn't end up teaching a single bit of that lesson. The Spirit took us somewhere completely different. We ended up teaching him about prayer, and how to have faith and receive answers. I flipped right to scriptures that went along so perfectly. Scriptures that I had never even marked. And we all taught and bore testimony without any notes or vocabulary words. Sister Handley, who struggles the most with the language, started using all these words she didn't even know that she knew! The Spirit was SO strong. I don't know why our lesson went in the direction it did... Maybe it was a lesson that one of us actually needed to hear. But it was definitely an experience that impacted all of us and taught me sooo much! God is real. And He's here. His spirit is so present here at the MTC and so present in my life. Everything that happens is an opportunity for so much learning and so much growth.
Every day just seems to be even better than the last. You guys. I CAN SPEAK DANISH. Ok so maybe I can't speak it very well at all, and maybe I totally butcher it half the time...... but that's not the point. I've been here for a month now. And in that one short month I've learned how to pray and how to bear my testimony and how to teach lessons and how to talk to people.... IN DANISH. Its so hard. I'm not going to lie. Its the hardest thing I've ever ever done!  Especially the pronunciation... man its ridiculous. Let me tell you. We were teaching a lesson about the atonement, and I asked the investigator "So what are your thoughts?" Except for I pronounced one word a tiny bit wrong.... And so what I really said was "So what are your sins?" HAHAHA. woops. It was pretty aca-awkard. There's so many words like that.... like I might tell someone to "plant a little seed of faith" but accidentally say to "plant a purple frog of faith." Or i might say that "the spirit will testify to you" but accidentally say that "the duck will testify to you." Or I might say "I want to marry you" but accidentally say "I want to poison you." (Don't worry I haven't told anybody I want to marry them. Or poison them!) Hahaha. Danish is so hard! But I'm getting it. That's the thing.... I'm actually getting it. My teachers were talking to each other in Danish for like 30 minutes straight the other day, and I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING THEY SAID. After 4 weeks at the MTC I can speak and understand Danish better than I ever could French. After taking French classes for 5 YEARS. Its absolutely incredible and such a testimony builder to me. If there's one thing I've learned here at the MTC it's that absolutely anything is possible through the strength of the Lord.
God is REAL. And He's here. His hand is in your life more than you even realize. Let everything that happens be an opportunity for learning and growth, and every day will be even better than the last! Sometimes its hard. Life is HARD. But I know that anything is possible through the strength of the Lord.
Well Sunday is Mother's Day!  I want to thank all of the wonderful mothers who have been such incredible examples to me. My grandmothers, my aunts, my cousins, my friends, my neighbors...... I have SO many amazing examples in my life, and I am sooo thankful for all of you! My ultimate goal is to become the kind of woman that all of you are. I am SO thankful for my incredible, incredible, incredible mother. She is the biggest blessing in my life! Her love and her friendship and her testimony is 100% the reason I am who I am and 100% the reason I'm at where I'm at.
"God couldn't be everywhere, so He created mothers."
I LOVE YOU MOM! Happy Mothers Day!
I love you all! Jeg elsker jer!
Søster Rogers

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