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April 30, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

Hi everybody!

 Our schedule got all switched around, so now my P days are on Tuesdays, just FYI. It would be easy for me to be frustrated and annoyed with this new schedule.... because honestly it's not very great. They have to accomodate all 50 bazillion missionaries that are here right now, (which is definitely a good thing! hastening the work! catching the wave!) which means we have to go to class and study for TWO hours before we get to eat breakfast. which is roughhhh. And then we don't get to eat dinner until 7, when all the food is gone. which is roughhhh. And they combined our service day with our Pday so I have less time to write you all letters, and they took away two of our gym days... Buttt I just have to remember that it could always be worse! You've got to make the best out of whatever life throws at you! Actually, I have a story about that very thing....
So every week we all have to prepare a talk for sacrament meeting on Sunday. But the thing is that they don't actually announce who will be speaking until not the day of but the MINUTE of. Like after the sacrament has already been administered and everything. Well there are over 100 missionaries in my branch, and only 2 people actually speak each Sunday. So the chances of speaking are suuuper slim! My friends were all nervous about being called up this week, and I was all "Oh don't even worry, the odds are ever in your favor!" And I was right. About them that is. Its Sunday afternoon, the sacraments been administered, and Brother Hodges stands up and announces, "Today we will be pleased to hear from Sister Rogers." Sweet. So I reached into my bag to pull out the talk that I'd prepared..... aaaaand I couldn't find it anywhere. Sweet. So, I grabbed my scriptures, grabbed my little notebook of quotes that my dad gave me, and I marched right up to the podium to give a talk. (Crossing my fingers that some valiant missionary would jump up and say "I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!!!" ......didn't happen. Sweet.) But you know what? I'm actually kind of glad that I lost my notes. Because I learned a lot from it. I learned to make the best out of whatever situation I find myself in. And what I really learned is to rely on the Spirit. Several people came up to me throughout the rest of the day and thanked me for my talk, and told me that they loved what I said or that it was something they needed to hear. Well I was glad to know that someone remembered it, because I can't remember a single thing I said up there! Because it wasn't me that was speaking, it was definitely the Spirit. I pray that I can always be an instrument in the Lord's hands like I was that day. All I want is for the Spirit to testify to others of the truthfulness of the gospel and for the Spirit to express to others of God's love for them through the words that I say and the things that I do. We never know what people are going through or what they need to hear, but the beautiful thing is that there is someone who does know. The Lord knows everyone's hearts. He knows exactly what we're going through, and exactly what we need.
Spencer W. Kimball said that "God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that He meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve eachother."
My mom always used to sing to us "Have you done any good in the world today? Have you helped anyone in need? Have you cheered up the sad or made someone feel glad? If not, you have failed indeed."
I LOVE that song. And I love being a missionary, because now my whole life is about helping the Lord meet people's needs. It's the best feeling in the whole world! I want all of you to experience it too!
So ask yourself, "Have I done any good in the world today?"
Well what are you waiting for?! Why are you still reading this?! Go cheer up the sad and make someone feel glad, go help someone in need!
I love you all!! Have a wonderful week.
Søster Rogers