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April 7, 2014

The heavens are open

Hello Hello!
How was your week? 
Mine was wonderful. Let me tell you about it.

Lots of tender mercy miracles allowed my comp and I to meet with eleven less-active members this week. That's my mission record! Usually we average out at 5-7 lessons with less-actives each week. Sister Hadley and I were feeling so so blessed to get in contact and meet with so many of our wavering friends. 

One day we were walking home for dinner when a friendly older man who reminded me of my Grandpa Ned came up to my companion and me, and with a rich American accent said "Hello! where are you from!" I was quite startled. One, because American accented english speaking people are not at all common. And two, because cheerful friendly old men are not so common either... 
Well it turns out he was an Idaho Mormon! Here in Denmark on vacation with his wife and son. We talked to the sweet little American family for a little while and it was sooo fun. I love Americans. and Mormons.

Also this week we had a fabulous Zone Training where we discussed the importance and power of the Book of Mormon. Followed by a fabulous zone activity full of hilarious skits, competitive activities and obstacle courses, and a game of volleyball using uncooked eggs..... missionaries sure do know how to have a good time!  

But yesterday was by far the best day of this wonderful week. 
One, because Sister Hadley and I had a sleepover with 2 of our fellow MTC Sisters, and we all made German Pancakes for brunch!
And two, because the prophet of God spoke to the world.
I don't know about you, but I LOVVVVVED General Conference! ah. It just gets better and better every time. 
At 6 pm last night I sat in a chapel in Copenhagen and heard the words of Heavenly Father, at the very same moment that those words were ringing through the conference center clear over there in Salt Lake City, filling the walls of my own home, and echoing through other chapels and homes all around the globe.
Isn't that amazing???
The whole time I just kept being reminded that the Heavens are open. God speaks! He loves us so much that He speaks to us today. Through His prophets and apostles and the leaders of the church He blesses us with specific direction to deepen our testimonies of Him and to help us draw nearer to Him.
I felt enlightened and inspired and empowered and I know that every spoken word was His, because He has said that "whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." 
Growing up, the long hours of General Conference always seemed to drag on and on as I doodled in my notebook to keep myself awake. But now it seems all too short... all the missionaries sat on the edge of our seats watching as intently as if it was the Super Bowl! And then I felt sad when the 184th conference session drew to an end. 
But the words that Elder Robert D. Hales spoke last October reminded me that "the greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. We gather to hear the words of the Lord, and we return to our homes tolive them."
I know that if we ponder and strive to apply the things He has told us, we will be strengthened. We will be empowered. We will be protected. We will be happy. And we- along with our homes and families and all those around us- will be so so blessed. 

I'm so happy that I can serve the God I love. 
And that I can tell the children He loves that the Heavens have opened and truth is restored.

I hope you all have another wonderful week.

Remember that it is worth it to courageously defend your faith.
Remember to be proactive in protecting your homes.
Remember that whirlwinds will come, but your spirit is strong and capable of resistance. 
Remember that EVERYONE deserves your kindness.
Remember to keep the covenants you have made and to faithfully fulfill the duties required of them.
Remember that keeping the commandments brings blessings every time.
Remember to increase your faith. Proclaim your faith. and Let your faith show.
Remember that the gospel is not weight, it is wings.
Remember that the load you carry is essential and enables you to return home to God. 
Remember to live with gratitude independent of 'things'. Not gratitude of the lips, but gratitude of the soul.
And remember that you have the power to increase the worlds happiness with the kindness and love you share.

and remember that there's someone in Denmark who loves you and prays for you every single day!! 
infinite Xs and Os.
Sister Rog