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March 31, 2014

How did I get here?

Hej godmorgen!
Its been so sunny and springy here in Copenhagen that I went to church yesterday WITHOUT A COAT. That deserves a hallelujah! I love the sun.
Its been a reeeally great week...

One day President and Sister Sederholm came along to a lesson with our beautiful wonderful Polish friend. She is the non-active member we've been working with who has so many doubts and concerns about the church, and she was really excited to talk to President Sederholm about all those little things that she's been having a hard time understanding and accepting. The lesson was an incredible incredible experience and the spirit was so so strong. My mission president is a man of God. After talking through all of her questions and doubts with her, President said "Do you believe that the Book of Mormon is true? Do you believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet?"  Because that's what everything comes down to. Thats something that I've really learned throughout my mission. It ALL comes back to our testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. Because if we have a solid testimony of those fundamental principles, then everything else just falls right into place. If we've received a witness that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that He really did appear to Joseph Smith in a grove of trees to restore His church to the earth, then all of our questions and doubts and fears can be swept away. And if we hold to that testimony whenever more questions or doubts or fears come, we'll never even falter.

This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. In Danish. What an incredible experience, to read the book that I've treasured my whole life in a language that was nothing but gibberish to me less than a year ago! When I read that last page of the Book of Mormon, Moroni exhorted me to remember how merciful the Lord has been unto the children of men, to ponder it in my heart, and to ask my Eternal Father if these things are true. 
And that's what I did. 
I thought back and remembered how the pages of this Danish book had delivered so many messages of strength, peace, and encouragement to me over the past months. And I remembered how I was able to use those passages of Danish scripture to teach so many people about Jesus Christ. I thought back and remembered the Spirit that I felt whenever I opened the book and whenever I shared the book. 
And as I prayed to God, that same Spirit of peace and joy filled my heart. Testifying to me once again that it really is true. Whether its in English or Danish or Polish or Chinese, the Book of Mormon is true. I know it. I love it. And I'm so so thankful for it.

On Saturday Sister Hadley and I were walking down the crazy busy Copenhagen streets that were flooded with marathon runners and watchers...

(side note: Its my new life's goal to run the Copenhagen marathon one day. I even ran 2 miles this morning to start training! haha...)

But anyways. As we were out and about talking to people, we met a really rad guy named Sejr. (Translation= Victory. So rad.) We started talking to him about our church only to find out that he already knew just about everything about it! He said he once had a friend who was a Mormon, and that he'd always been really impressed by the standards his friend lived. He told us that if he were to join any church, it would definitely be the Mormon one. 
I'm really proud of Sejr's mormon friend! Because of his faithfulness to the gospel and his dedication to living his testimony, he was a really great example for those around him. And now Sejr wants to come watch General Conference with us this weekend! 
A good example can go a really long way.

Another day this week we went to a beautiful botanical garden to meet with our Chinese investigator. And as we were walking down the winding path surrounded by beautiful beautiful nature talking to our sweet friend about Jesus Christ, I had one of those "how did I get here?!" moments... How on earth did I land myself wandering through a botanical garden in Copenhagen Denmark with a 65 year old Asian?? 
Then the words of Russell M Nelson came to my mind. 
"Each day is a day of decision, and our decisions determine our destiny."
Even seemingly small decisions can impact our lives in such significant ways. I'm really grateful for the decisions that I've made throughout my life that have lead me to where I am today. I'm grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, which has helped me make the right choices, and has made it possible for me to repent when I've made the wrong ones.

So Sister Hadley and I are working with this wonderful lady who just started coming back to church and is struggling to quit smoking. We go read the Book of Mormon with her a few times a week and offer her support and encouragement. She is going through the church's 12 step program for addiction recovery, which is something I've introduced to a lot of different people throughout my mission to try and help them overcome their addictive habits. 
But I decided that I really need to have my testimony of the program if I'm going to be telling all these people that it truly works... So, my companion and I got ourselves an addiction recovery manual and we are going through the whole program to overcome our addiction to sugar! 
Haha. Its really hard. And just like my smoker friends, I've gone through multiple relapses! But I'm really gaining a better understanding of the atonement, and how Jesus Christ truly can help us overcome any challenges or weaknesses that we face.

Well I don't know about you guys but I am stoooooked for General Conference this weekend! 
If you have any doubts or questions or if you are searching for any answers or guidance, be prayerful this week and then take those questions to General Conference. I can tell you with all the surety of my whole soul that the Lord will speak to you personally through the words of our Prophet and church leaders. 
I'll never ever ever forget the morning of October 6th 2012 when Heavenly Father spoke guidance straight to my searching heart. That day changed my life, and sent me on a path that would lead me to a beautiful botanical garden in Copenhagen Denmark, where I could share my testimony of Him with another one of His searching daughters.  

Well. Time to go buy groceries!
I hope you all have a dejligt day. 
I hope you love the Book of Mormon as much as I do.
I hope you strive to always be an example of the believers to all those around you.
I hope you make decisions today that will lead you to a beautiful destiny.
And I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!
Happy Conference weekend!!!

Søster Rogers