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August 19, 2013

Missionary Moments


 I remember my very first Sunday in Denmark. It was super hard to understand anything that was being said in Sacrament meeting, but it was an amazing experience because even though I couldn't keep up or follow along, I still felt the Spirit. I could still feel the warmth and peace in my heart when the Spirit testified to me that the words I heard were true, even though I couldn't understand most of them.
This week I had another neat experience when we went to a Jehovah's Witness church service with one of our investigators. Unlike that first Sunday in the country, I could actually understand the language and the things that I heard. (well except for when people would start talking crazy super fast!) It makes a big difference when you actually understand the language! But even bigger than the difference between my Danish comprehension 9 weeks ago and my comprehension now, was the difference between the spirit that I felt. There was no warm peaceful feeling to testify of truth. It was a really nice meeting and everybody was really kind and friendly and welcoming (though a little skeptical when they noticed the name tags my companion and I proudly wore!) and it was a really great experience. Now I can say with even more conviction that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the earth today.

A lot of other fun things happened this week... Like one morning a loud trumpet interrupted our scripture study... We raced to the window to see a whole brigade of horses and trumpet players parading down our little street like it was no big deal. Denmark rocks.
And one morning instead of exercising we decided to feed all of our brownies and cookies to the family of ducks that live at the park across the street. (We didn't break a sweat, but we definitely still got rid of a ton of calories!)
Another day it was super rainy, so we spent our lunch hour cuddled up on our thrift store sofa chairs with steaming bowls of chicken noodle soup while Mormon Tabernacle Choir music filled our little apartment. Sister Peterson and I just looked at each other and started laughing. Because missionary life is so cute sometimes.

We laugh at each other a lot actually.... Because we say so many things that only missionaries would say. Like one day when we were having a picnic on the middle of our apartment floor (because our kitchen table was completely hidden beneath mountains of scriptures and planners and notes and maps and progress records.....) and as we were sitting there eating omelets we talked about how eating eggs is like eating chicken in the pre-earth life. HA. Those missionary moments happen a lot! Its funny for sure, but its really awesome. Its awesome that our minds and thoughts are constantly focused on the gospel.

The other day Sister Peterson asked me why I love the Book of Mormon so much. (I rant for like 10 minutes everyday about how much I love it.) The scriptures are seriously the best thing to ever exist! The coolest thing is that its just a bunch of people's journals. Real people. Who were sitting down with a pen in their hand (or some other ancient writing utensil) writing down all of their thoughts and experiences exactly like I do every night in my own journal. I love reading about their encounters and experiences and relationships and dealings with God, while I'm having my own experiences with that very same infinite being. I love the scriptures because they make me feel closer to Him. The scriptures make me feel connected to the prophets that wrote them and to the people they wrote about. Connected to the angels who guided them and the Lord who spoke to them. And connected to the millions of Saints from the pioneer times down to these latter days who held/hold the very same book in their own hands- pouring over its pages and learning about the Savior and how to find happiness in life. I love studying the Book of Mormon every single day, and then talking about it with everyone that I meet. The scriptures means so much more to me than they ever have. And its because I love it. Because I choose to love every passage and to learn from it and apply it- not only to my own life and how it can help me become a better person, but also the ways it can help and bless the lives of others. Its incredible to me that one book can be so universal and apply to every person on the planet, but in such unique, personal, specific ways.
That's why I love the Book of Mormon.

I hope you all find time in your crazy busy lives to read from the scriptures every day. Even if its just one chapter or one page or one column or one verse. I promise that if you take the time to read, you'll find strength to overcome your challenges and so much peace and happiness every day. 

Have a good week!
Søster Rogers

             A random zip line in the middle of town. No wonder Danes are the happiest people on earth.