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June 10, 2013

Peace out America!

Last Tuesday night I was cooking dinner while my comp Sister Allen was quizzing me on my Danish vocab.
"Plan of Salvation." "Frelsesplanen."
"The gift of the Holy Ghost." "Helligandendsgaven."
"To cook." "At lave mad"
"To be ready" "At vaer clar."
And that was the exact moment when the phone rang........ coincidence?
Every time we'd ever get a phone call from the mission office or the zone leaders or the sister training leaders, I'd get all anxious and think "dahhh maybe its for me! maybe I got my visa!" but it never was... So this time when the phone rang I didn't even think twice. I just kept slicing that avocado. But then Sister Allen handed me the phone. And my heart started beating faster than humming bird wings and a swarm of mad butterflies attacked my stomach. And then I heard a voice saying "Heyyyy Sister Rogers, you got your visa! You're leaving on Monday!" And I about diiiiiied and for a second I thought I might be dreaming. I thought I'd be staying here for a few months! Its only been 3 weeks. WHAT AN AWESOME SURPRISE. That was the best day ever.
Now in just a couple hours I will be on my way to DENMARK! Holy cowww I can't even wait.
Its been a wonderful last week here in Missouri, and honestly I'm going to miss it a lot! I'm really thankful for the opportunity I've had to be here in St. Louis and to meet so many wonderful people. Its been incredible.
But now I get to go board a plane and leave America for the next year and a half. Now I get to go to a foreign country and try to teach people the gospel in a language I barely even understand. Now I get to go where I was called to serve by a prophet of God.
Now I get to go to Denmark.
I'm ready. Jeg er clar.

Happy 2 monthiversary to me!!
Peace out America.
Jeg elsker jer!