back ground

September 8, 2014


At "Vor Frue Kirke" in Copenhagen there is a famous display of the original Kristus statue together with incredible statues of Christ's 12 apostles. The statue of Peter holds in his hands a set of keys. Those priesthood keys were lost from the earth when all of those beautifully sculpted apostles followed the Savior in martyrdom. 
But those keys have been restored.
I have a testimony that that is absolutely wonderfully true. 
On Saturday morning our entire mission gathered together to meet with Elder David A. Bednar. I could never deny the Spirit that overwhelmed my heart as one of Christ's apostles boldly bore his witness that the priesthood keys are on the earth today. 
It was such a special experience, spending the morning with an apostle. I can't help but feel that it was very similar to what it would truly be like to spend a morning with Christ. 
Elder Bednar was kind, he was loving and spiritual. He was FUNNY, He was bold and he was wise. He didn't prepare a talk or a speech to give to us.... He asked US dozens of questions. And he let us ask him the questions of our  own hearts. 
I received answers to prayers, guidance for my missionary work, and direction for my life. The questions of my heart were answered. I know how I need to change to become better. 

That's actually one of the biggest things that stood out to me throughout the morning..... CHANGE. In this gospel, we learn, we repent, and we CHANGE every single day. 
We should all be "eternally uncomfortable" because that means we are eternally changing and improving, and that is the purpose of our existence- to set aside the worldly and selfish desires of our human hearts, and constantly strive to CHANGE and become more like God.
Only in this gospel- the true gospel of Jesus Christ- is this kind of change possible. 

I'm thankful for that beautiful opportunity I had to be together with one of Christ's apostles.
It was a great experience, to be together with ALL of the missionaries from Denmark and Iceland. Sister Hale and I even got to arrange a special musical number for the conference. We sang with a few other sisters for an Apostle of the Lord. It was a special experience that I won't ever forget.

Earlier this week we had a little get together with two of our best friends. Lorenzo made us all DELICIOSO Italian spaghetti and then we feasted on Italian ice cream. Then we had a lesson about the restoration. We watched the video on our tiny little dvd player and talked about how Joseph Smith's first prayer brought about the restoration of the gospel and changed the world. Lorenzo believes that its TRUE. He chose September 27th as the day he will prepare to be baptized! We even showed him the baptismal font and he asked us if he would wear a swimsuit or what.... haha. He already knows he wants to get married in the temple. Its adorable. 

But even better than that amazing lesson with Lorenzo was the fact that Lærke was there. She lost her testimony and hasn't been coming to church for about 7 years now. But she was there to experience that beautiful lesson where the Spirit was so strong. She was there to experience when someone found and recognized and accepted the truth. There was a special light in her eyes.

This week was beautiful. I feel like every single day is a gift from God. 
I don't know how I will EVER thank my Father in Heaven for all of the love that He keeps showing me. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!
I'm going to Legoland with my best friend Sister Hale.
peace and vi ses!
Søster Rogers