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May 5, 2014

I just wanna start out by saying
TILLYKKE MED FØDSELSDAGEN til min lillebror Kolby!!!

One year older and wiser too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU 
I love you Kolbster! YOU ARE SUCH A STUD. I love you and miss you a ton!!
Just 5 more years and you'll be a rockin missionary.

This week FLEW. Time flies when you're having fun! It also flies when you are too busy to breathe....
We have been soooo busy with appointments and lessons and investigators out our ears! We've had lessons and meetings back to back to back with no time to stop and breathe in between. One night this week we accidentally had TWO dinner appointments.... haha. it was great.
Speaking of great... Horsens is great! Missionary work is GREAT. The weather is GREAAAAAT (the long awaited day finally came..... I went TIGHTLESS this week!!!!) And all of our dozens of investigators are just so so great. This lovely place is actually a college town, so almost all of our investigators are college age which is wayyy fun. And most of them are study abroad students... We have friends from Bulgaria, Romania, Africa, Italy, Mongolia and more! 

One day this week my gorgeous companion Sister Pearson and I hopped on a bus that took us clear out through the countryside to a little bitty town. We had made an appointment with a less active member of our ward, but when we showed up they had forgotten about it and canceled. So there we were, out in this little bitty town, with a 30 minute wait until the next bus would be driving back to Horsens. 
We decided to knock on a few doors while we waited. 
Its moments like these when we go about our day the Nephi way..... led by the Spirit, not knowing before hand the things we should do.
A sweet older lady opened up the third door we knocked on. We stood there and talked with her for maybe ten minutes, just about her life and her family. She seemed very lonely and quite sad, and I could tell it meant a lot to her to have someone to talk to. We asked if we could come back some time and share more about our message with her. She said yes. Before we left we said a prayer together, and I could feel the Spirit pouring down on that doorstep as I listened to the word's of my companion's sweet prayer. When I opened my eyes I saw tears in the eyes of our new friend. She hugged us and thanked us before saying goodbye. 
Sister Pearson and I couldn't find words to express the feelings in our hearts as we hurried back to the bus stop. It was such a tender experience and we knew we had been led by the Spirit to someone who needed to be reminded of God's love.

I'm so thankful for God's love. It means SO much to me to know that God is my Father and that He loves me. My testimony was strengthened that day, when I saw how God cared so much about one of His daughters. He cared enough to lead two young missionaries across the Danish countryside to the door of one of His precious daughters who needed to be comforted and reminded of His love.  

God loves us. We matter to Him. And He will do anything for us.

In testimony meeting yesterday a man stood up and said "I would like to share with you a spiritual quote.... John Wayne said "Life is difficult. And its even more difficult when you are stupid." 
At first I was just dying of inner laughter. I thought it was quite hilarious that He stood up at the pulpit and quoted John Wayne!!
But then he shared his testimony about God and the Book of Mormon,  boldly saying that if we don't follow God's teachings and don't take advantage of the Book of Mormon by reading it and applying it daily, we are living in stupidity. 

Its so true. 
Life is difficult. Don't make it even more difficult by doing stupid things! 
Incorporate the Book of Mormon into your life. It makes life easier.
Let God into your life. He makes life better. 

Before I run off to the grocery store I just need to tell the world how much I LOVE MY MOM. 
My mom is my best best best friend. She is everything I am. She is everything I want to be. 
The fact that God blessed me with such a beautiful, selfless, loving mother to raise me and teach me and support me and hug me and encourage me and love me and be my best friend is the greatest evidence to me of God's love. 

Not a day goes by that I don't think about my beautiful mother and how much she means to me. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HER IN 6 DAYS. Skype is the best invention ever. And mothers are the best blessing ever.
So don't forget to tell your mother how much you love her. And if you are so lucky to see my awesome mom, will you pleeeease give her a HUGE hug for me?? Thanks :) 
Happy Mothers Day!

Have a beautiful week everybody!
Share your testimonies. Live them too.
Take John Wayne's spiritual advice and don't be stupid! Read the Book of Mormon.

lots of X's and O's
Sister Breanna Michele Rogers
 Mission Leadership Council 
(AKA great big sleepover at President Sederholms house + lots of yummy Sister Sederholm food :) :) :)