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May 12, 2014

I'm so thankful for Skype. Skype rocks my world. 

Well it was another busy busy busy wonderful week!
On Wednesday Sister Pearson and I got to travel down to the beautiful city of Fredericia for a Zone Training.

And then we went up to Århus on Thursday for another one!

The missionaries in the Denmark Copenhagen mission are FANTASTIC. I love serving with them and I love serving them. I love getting to know the other missionaries and I love hearing about the miracles they've seen here. 
I also love playing capture the flag with them. 
Missionaries rock.

One day this week we had a lesson with one of the less active members we've been working with. He's like 25 and way chill. He just doesn't know if He believes in God or Jesus Christ, and we're trying to help Him with that. So this week we brought the young women from our ward to go visit him with us. We talked about how having faith in God and Jesus Christ helps us understand who we are and who we can become. Then all the cute 14 year old girls said the young women's theme-

"Vi er vor Himmelske Faders døtre. Han elsker os, og vi elsker ham. Vi Vil Stå som Guds vidner til alle tider og i alle ting og på alle steder, mens vi bestræber os på at efterleve Unge Pigers værdinormer, som er: Tro, Guddommelighed, Personlig Værdi, Kundskab, Valg og Ansvarlighed, Gode Gerninger, Retskaffenhed og Dyd. 
Vi tror, at dersom vi vil acceptere disse værdinormer og handle derefter, Vil Vi Være beredte til at styrke hjem og familie, indgå og holde hellige pagter, modtage tempelordinancerne og nyde ophøjelsens velsignelser."

And the Spirit was SO strong that it almost brought tears to my eyes. The faith of the beautiful young women here in Denmark is incredible! They know who they are. They know they are daughters of God and that He loves them. They know it and they live it and their testimonies just shine.
I know that our friend felt the Spirit that day too. He even came to institute with us the next day!!! It was a miracle. 

Speaking of institute. All of our college age investigators love to come with us to institute and family home evening. And they love to bring random friends along with them! Its AWESOME. Our investigators are basically missionaries! 
One of our new investigators (Who we started teaching because one of our other investigators invited her to institute) came to church on Sunday and brought her brother! And they both LOVED church. 
See guys. Missionary work is so easy and fun that even investigators can do it! If they can do it, so can you!!

I'm LOVING my new area of Horsens. Its SO so different than Copenhagen... The way of life in this town is just a bit more relaxed and not so fast paced, so people are more willing to stop and talk with us and they have more time to actually meet with us. On Saturday we had six different lessons with people on the street or at the park or just around town! It was awesome. 
Yesterday we met a way neat guy named Benjamin. I thought he was way neat because he had the same name as my dad and also because he used to live in Boston. We talked with him for like 30 minutes about faith and Jesus Christ and his beliefs and our beliefs, and the whole time I was trying to figure out how I knew this guy because he just seemed soooo familiar! After we left Sister Pearson and I turned to each other and said "have we met him before?!" We were both thinking the same thing and it was crazy!
Well we still haven't figured out where we know him from.... Maybe the pre-earth life? who knows. but he was awesome and we're gonna meet with him this week and teach him all about the book of Mormon and stuff.

We're gonna go hit up some thrift stores today! Thrifting is one of my favorite hobbies. 
My other hobbies include grocery shopping, chasing buses, knitting with old ladies, and testifying of Christ.
And dancing through gorgeous golden fields.
Have a beautiful week!
Sister Rog
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