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January 13, 2014

I don't really know how to start out my letter today.
So for the 923rd time....
I love being a missionary.

Funny conversation on the street this week:

Me: We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
nice man: the what?
Me: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
the man: I haven't heard of it...
Me: maybe you've heard of Mormons?
man: ahhhhhh yeah! Morphins! I know you guys!

Sister Hale and I had a pretty good laugh about that one.
I actually think I might have a six pack by the end of this transfer just from all the laughing that takes place.

Hey do you guys want to hear about my 21st birthday?!  
I was woken up at 6:30 sharp by Sister Hale jamming on the guitar and singing Happy Birthday to me. Then before I was even fully conscious there were balloons thrown in my face and a giant stack of warm banana blueberry pancakes for me to enjoy in my cozy bed. It doesn't even stop there.... there was a chocolate cake waiting for me at my desk. (my companion is a birthday elf or something... I have no idea when she did all this!! what a gem) 
Inline image 2
And after blowing out my 21 candles and eating a little cake we smashed the rest in each others faces because that was my birthday wish. Tillykke med dagen!

The elders baked me a gourmet chocolate cake too!
Inline image 3
And we all devoured it in the missionary van on the road trip to Zone Training. Best thing EVER to have zone training on my birthday! (I love zone trainings, in case I haven't mentioned that a million times before...)
I got to see my best friend SISTER GRANT! and my other best friend sister PETE! AND my MTC companion who I haven't seen once yet! It was like a family reunion of all my companions and the best birthday gift ever.

Inline image 4

Then we all went to McDonalds for lunch. It was a dream come true! I've been wanting to go to McDonalds ever since I showed up in Europe. (sorry if I just made you fall out of your chair dad.... I know I always complained about Mcdonalds on family road trips and refused to order any food... haha)

Later that night we visited one of my favorite families in the ward and guess what.... Chocolate cake #3! good thing I love chocolate cake. And good thing calories don't count on your 21st birthday!

And to top it all off...... I got a birthday party in a box!! Thanks mom for the awesome birthday package!!! I loved EVERYTHING. Especially my very own Chris Hemsworth :) You know me all too well. 

Year 20 was so great. Even despite the rough patches and the bugs on my windshield and the rain on my parades and the bumps on my road and the clouds in my sky.... Its been so so great. 
Year 21 is going to be even better! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and love!

Ok time for a way cool miracle story. 
At church last Sunday this suuuper cool girl just showed up. So my comp and I chatted with her a bit after church, and turns out she had been an exchange student in Texas a few years ago where she lived with a Mormon family. She went to church with them and really enjoyed it, and she even met with the missionaries a little bit while she was over there. She's been back in Denmark for over 3 years now and hasn't ever been to church since. But she just moved in to a new apartment with some friends.... an apartment that just happens to be on the same block as our church and the Copenhagen temple! She decided it wasn't a coincidence. So now we are meeting with her and teaching her all about the gospel because she wants to find out if the church is true! 
Moral of the story: you should all get foreign exchange students.

Another amazing experience from this week was when I got to meet with Beatriz, the nurse we met at the hospital on Christmas day. Well, it turns out that she actually doesn't live in my proselyting area... bummmmmerrrrrr. But she actually lives in Sister Peterson's area! So I got to go on splits with Pete to go teach her! It was SO fun being comps again for the day. We both are so much better at speaking Danish and at teaching and at everything than we where when we were companions many months ago...
and the lesson was AMAZING. Like one of the most spiritual powerful lessons I've ever had. It was like heaven and earth had aligned, because we found someone that the Lord had truly prepared. She is totally getting baptized someday. 

One night this week we were headed home on the S Tog (a super speedy mini train that looks like a futuristic time traveling spaceship.... or in other words, a subway) and I felt like I hadn't been too productive that day. We had a lot of appointments fall through and just hadn't had any success. So I turned to my companion and said "I'm going to give this book away!" of course that had been the intention all day.... to give away book of Mormons. ( is it book of mormons? or books of mormon? I'll go with books of mormons :) But this time my intent was a little more real and my faith was a little bit bigger. 
We only had two minutes left on the time traveling spaceship train. So I had a two minute conversation that started with me saying "hey you have really cool nail polish!" and somehow ended with her saying "yeah sure I'd love a copy!" as I handed her a Book of Mormon and hopped of the train. 

Who says missionary work has to be hard??! 
All you have to do is have faith and real intent. And then open your mouth.

I'm gonna go explore a big castle with my missionary friends now...
Hope your monday is magical too!
Sister Rog
what often happens between the hour of 9:30 and 10:30 pm....
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