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December 2, 2013

Happy December!

We had this District goal to all do something that scares us and to overcome the fear.
I took the challenge pretty seriously...
Yesterday I did TWO things that TERRIFIED me.

#1. I killed a spider.
Did you hear that Dad??!! I KILLED A SPIDER.
I was putting on my mascara, minding my own Sunday morning business. When out of the corner of my eye I saw an 8 legged creature creeping across the wall. And to my horror, my companion was in the shower!! Wahhhhh.
So you know what I did? I grabbed a sock. And I squished that edderkop. 
I hope you're all proud.

#2 was even scarier though...
There are only two members in our ward who can play the piano. And guess what... neither of them came to church on Sunday.
So guess who played the piano for sacrament meeting.
Yup... yours truly.
Songs I'd never tried to play before. On less than a moments notice. While the whole congregation sang.
Thanks for putting me in piano lessons Mom! I didn't even mess up too bad.

Well I wouldn't say that those fears are overcome or conquered.... but definitely one baby step closer :)

It was a crazy busy week, the last week of November.
And now I'm never going to be a missionary in the month of November ever again!! Oh man.
I just want to tell you guys that 
I LOVE my life.
I especially love my Danish missionary life.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the missionaries in our District, and we had a really awesome feast.
This is what the dinner table looked like:

    7 layer dip and chips
    sloppy joes
    cinnamon rolls
    corn chowder
    ice cream
    and mine and sister g's attempt at a pie.

Just your typical traditional Thanksgiving feast. Hahaa.

On Friday night Sister Grant and I stopped at the supermarket to buy a frozen pizza on our way home for dinner. Because we were exhausted from a long week of missionary work and didn't feel like cooking any food. On our way out of the store one of the workers said "Have a good weekend!"
I was offended for 2 reasons. One- he automatically assumed I was American and spoke English. Boooo.
and Two- He wished us a happy weekend. Which the world weekend doesn't even exist to me these days.....
Then again, Friday night cheese pizza with my rockin almost-not-green-anymore comp was the closest thing I've had to a good "weekend" in a decently long time! 

But anyways... the point of that pointless story was just to lead into my next story...
When we left the supermarket- frozen pizzas in hand- the whole town was outside, making their way toward the center of the town square. Grand and I were curious what all the hustle and bustle was about, so we followed the shivering crowd.

Children all bundled up in hats and scarves and coats were all perched on their Dads shoulders as everybody circled around a gigantic tree.
"Ti! Otte! Ni!" a count down began.... "Tre! To! En!!!" 
The giant tree magically lit up! Along with other strings of sparkling lights twisting all over the cobblestone streets. A bunch of kids dressed up as Santa started playing Christmas carols on their trumpets and flutes and clarinets, as a little train gave people rides all around the town square.


I felt like I'd walked straight into Who-ville. Or even the North Pole itself.
Ohhhh its going to be a dejligt Christmas here in my snow globe country called Denmark.

Christmas is the BEST time.
The best time to bake cookies.
The best time to tell your family and friends how much you love them. And to show them too.
The best time to send handwritten letters in the mail to your favorite missionary :)
The best time to share the gospel.

The best time to remember why its the best time.
the best time to remember the Savior. And to learn more about Him. And to become more like Him.

In my own search to become more like Jesus, I decided I want to read the New Testament. Particularly the four gospels. Because I've never actually gone through and read it all before, and those books are packed full of Jesus Christ's life and ministry and words and miracles. 
As I began turning the pages of my Bible, the stories of Jesus unfolded in a way they never have before. I followed the Savior as He healed the sick and raised the dead and helped every single person in need.
Miracle after miracle after miraculous miracle.
Back to back to back.
Tears flowing down my cheeks....
Christ's loving kindness never ever ever ceased.
And it still doesn't.... He is just as much alive TODAY as He was then! He works just as many miraculous miracles and He loves US just as much.

Isn't that Amazing???

Suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. or a train. 
That I'm here in the place of the Savior. I'm here to do and to say what He Himself would do and say, if He were personally visiting the very people to whom He has sent me. 
I've been thinking about that a lot this week... If I can show the same unfailing unrestrained loving kindness that Jesus Christ showed, then my time here will be SO much better spent.
I'm not just talking about my time here in Denmark, but my time here on earth. 

As I've been focusing on the Lord's will a little more sincerely with a deeper desire to truly do what He Himself would do, my days have been so much more productive and so much more meaningful. 
The phone has been ringing and my planner has filled itself up. With people to visit and comfort and serve and bless and help.
Back. To back. To back.

I'm learning to not only follow the Savior, but to walk beside Him.

He lives.

We don't have to wait until the next life to meet Him! 
He lives today. Right now.
So get to know Him. Follow Him. Walk with Him.

The December month is such a special time. Remember the reason for the Season. 
I hope we can all become closer to the Savior Jesus Christ throughout this December month, and always.  

As you spend the next few weeks trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift, remember that the gift of God's Son was the greatest gift of all.
And its a gift you can give too.....
Its a gift you can give by the way that you live.

I love you all!
Have a great week. And a great weekend too :)
Happy December!!!

Søster Rogers
 Black Friday :)
 A Christmas Elf (AKA Tina) decorated our front door on the first day of December! Aw.

                                         there are street signs that say FART all over this country!
                                                               (translation= speed)
                                                                      Ha. Ha. Haaa.
 Welcome to my Christmas town.