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December 23, 2013

Glædelig Jul!

Hello from beautiful Copenhagen where the sky is blue as can be and the sun is shining!
It feels like St. George today... Merry sunny warm Christmas to me!

So you know my favorite book? Its called Number the Stars. I feel like I've ranted about it in my emails before.... #sorrynotsorry.
I read Number the Stars over and over dozens and dozens of times growing up. Its the most beautiful story about a girl named Annemarie who lived in Copenhagen in 1943 during the Nazi occupation of Denmark. Annemarie's best friend was a Jew, and when the Nazis started to "relocate" the Jewish people, Annemarie did everything she could to help her friend.

Well today my Dad reminded me how much the Lord has influenced my life and everything that I am.... starting way back when I was 10 years old and I fell in love with a story about the people in Denmark. 

And now, here I am. 
Walking down those exact same Copenhagen streets!
In the very land of the book that touched my heart. 
Sharing with the Danish people another great book, and hoping to touch their hearts.
Trying to do everything I can to help my friends.

So yeah. I love Copenhagen. I love serving in this city that is so special to me. I LOVE my new area. 

And oh man does my new comp rock! 
She's been here in Denmark for like 2.5 months now, so she's still pretty new.
Seriously, Sister Hale might possibly be my twin separated at birth....we have everything in common. She loves singing and playing the guitar and she loves Harry Potter and she's named after a mountain and she does humanitarian work. (Ok I'm not named after a mountain... but I sure do love mountains!) 
OH and get this.... she even went to Southern Virginia University!!! (last year... so she was there the year after I was.) But we have tons of the same friends and tons of the same memories! HOW FUN.
Also, WE BOTH HAVE GUITARS. You best believe we've been singing to people at bus stops and outside of the grocery store and on the trains and on the street and everywhere in between! 
Its gonna be a great transfer. 

So the AP's are in my district. Which means we speak Danish alllllllll the time... And Sister Hale and I have this thing we do where we don't speak English when we are outside of our apartment. I've probably spoken more Danish in the past week than the rest of my mission combined! Sometimes I forget that I can speak English when we get home at night....

Its super weird coming to a new area and not knowing anybody at all and not knowing my way around... but its been so much fun meeting so many new people and exploring new streets.

Before my mission and even throughout my mission up until now I always thought it would be really hard to be away from home at Christmas time. Well don't get me wrong guys, I miss you like CRAZY..... but actually, it hasn't been hard at all! 
When my plane first landed in Denmark and I first set foot in this beautiful country, I was overcome with peace and surety that I was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be. 
And that is exactly how I feel right now...
Its Christmas time and I'm in a foreign country a million miles from home, sooo far away from my family. (Not to mention just barely being transferred into a brand new city where I get to spend the holidays with a bunch of strangers....) 
But I have so much peace and surety because I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

and HEYYYY guess what I get to see you guys in TWO DAYS!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! 
Hurrah for SKYPE! 

I'm probably gonna cut this email short... seeing as I get to talk to y'all so soon. I'll have lots of fun stories to tell you. 
Like about the time we went Christmas caroling and ended up in a creeeeepy sketchy basement singing to a bunch of guys smoking pot and all sorts of other smelly things.....

Merry Christmas everybody! 
After you buy your last minute gifts today, and after you finish wrapping up those special packages with sparkly ribbons tomorrow night, and after you open up all of your presents on Christmas morning, take a minute to remember Jesus Christ. 

Because the gift of God's Son truly is the greatest gift of all. 

He came into the world to be our Savior and Redeemer, our Comforter, our Advocate, our Friend.
He came into the world so that we have someone to turn to. Someone to believe in. Someone to rely on. Someone to trust.
In a lowly stable in Bethlehem, the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world.
He came into the world, and He never left.

Christ lives. He's here. 
This Christmas, Let Him in.

Let's celebrate the day He came into the world. Let's celebrate the Light He brought and the path He paved.
Let's celebrate it always. 
He died for us. Let's live for Him.

Merry Christmas to all! 
Glædelig Jul! 
Jeg elsker jer.

Søster Breanna Rogers
 Just faking a smile before saying goodbye and hopping on the train...
 On our last night together Sister G and I celebrated Christmas! THANKS Grant family for the sweet gifts!!! And thanks Mom for the fun stockings!!
 Merry Christmas Happy Birthday to me from my bff Manda! YOU FREAKING ROCK. Tusind Tak!
 Just snapped a quick pick of me and my new compety comp so you know who I'm livin with! I love Sister Hale!
 The elders surprised us with a REAL LIVE JULETRÆ!!! Best Christmas present everrrr.