back ground

October 28, 2013

I've never been so happy about daylight savings in my entire life. I got to sleep in a whole extra hour yesterday!!! It was wonderful. And MUCH needed. This past week has been exhausting.

Its like when you are in high school. or college. or anywhere in life I suppose.... and some weekends there is absolutely NOTHING to do because all of your friends are out of town or on dates or whatever, and so you end up staring at the wall/ watching a chick flick all by yourself. And then there are other weekends when everyyyybody wants to hang out and there are 3 different parties and you get asked on 2 different dates and your friends are going hot tubbing and there's a huge movie premier and you just wish that you could be in 12 places at once! 

Haha. It happens in missionary work too. This week Sister Grant and I were SO busy that we couldn't even make it to half of what we wanted to! I blame it on the ward members..... this week our ward mission leader asked the members of our ward to pray for me and Sister Grant and the elders in our ward by name every day. Holy cow. It made a difference! A huuuge one. So if you want to make a difference in missionary work, pray for the missionaries in your ward. Pray for them by name. Pray for their investigators too!
Thank you for all the prayers you pray for me! I can truly feel so many prayers coming my way and it really makes a world of difference. THANK YOU.

So one day we were on our way to go visit our friend Simin. She is about to leave on her mission to Boise, Idaho! I'd never gone to her dad's house before, and we got a little lost trying to find the address. So I started asking people if they knew where this street was, but nobody knew. And some of them were kind of mean... (they must have thought I wanted to preach to them or something.) Haha but there was one guy who was really nice. So nice that it started getting creepy. He didn't know the address and so we thanked him and went on our way. But 5 minutes later he came out of nowhere and had been following us! He said he wanted to come with us... we told him we had an appointment to get to and that we hoped he had a nice day. He said ok bye! and then kept following us! Like so close that I could feel him breathing on me. We tried to say goodbye like 3 or 4 more times but he just kept right on following us!! Luckily our friend Simin came and rescued us. but before she did... the big creepy man HUGGED me. alfbeiazslkfskjggggzkk I have not hugged a man in over 6 months now and I definitely did not want to break that streak with him! ahhhh. It was weird. 

Anyways. We taught a lot of great lessons this week... One day we went to visit our friend Karin, the lady that Sister Pete and I helped with her wedding reception 2 months ago. She is a suuuper busy lady and so we were SO excited to finally get an appointment with her. It was an amazing visit! She told us how its been really hard for her with church because people aren't very accepting of her getting married in a Danish church. And that she wants to share the gospel with her husband but doesn't feel like its the right time. There were tears in her eyes that about ripped my heart out when she told us that something is missing, and she wishes the gospel could be a part of her home. She was so glad we were there to talk with her about the gospel because she hadn't had anyone to talk with in such a long time. Our visit with Karin was one of those moments where I can feel my name tag burning on my chest. Where I can feel Christ's love and feel with my whole soul that I am His instrument in that precise moment. It was amazing. We shared one of my favorite Mormon message videos with her, about having courage and being strong and living your testimony. 
you should all check it out too. 

One day we walked like 5 miles through wind and rain to try and stop by an inactive woman. When we got there her daughter answered the door and said her mom was unavailable. We talked with the daughter for a minute- she said she grew up in the church and was active her whole life, but she has no interest anymore because the church just isn't for her. THAT MADE ME SO SAD!!  Its the worst thing ever when people who had the truth turn away from it. It seems like that happens soooo much and I hate it. Its scary! Its especially scary that so many returned-missionaries go inactive. My current-missionary self wonders how that even happens. How could someone who has served a mission and has thus seen the hand of the Lord every single day and has seen miracles happen as they watch the gospel change people for the better and bring so much happiness into people's eyes and lives.... turn away from that? 

Well it happened in the Book of Mormon too. there were people who literally saw Heaven's angels and huge incredible miracles, and then turned again to wickedness. But as I've been thinking about that and why/how it happened, I've realized that it never happened to those that were truly converted. Those that were truly converted, converted without needing to witness miracles and see angels, they endeared to the end. It must be the same today too... That's why it is so so important to be truly converted, to have your own testimony and continually nourish and strengthen it, to exercise and show your faith every day. 

One day we were talking with a less active member who served a mission. She said it was so much easier to read/study the scriptures and pray back then on her mission than it is now, because now she has so many other things to worry about like work and school and marriage and family etc etc etc. True- as a missionary your scripture study is a scheduled activity of every single day. But back in the normal world, all those things- work and school and marriage and family etc etc etc- give us all the more reason to need it. We need the guidance and strength and protection and spirit that we receive through scripture study and prayer if we are going to endure to the end and not fall away. 

I have the most rockin dad ever and this is what he told me in his letter this week about this very subject.
"It happens even to the best members, with generations of members behind them for support, up to our newest convert members. It all starts with a distancing from the small, simple things. They forget the most essential tools we have to keep us closer to the gospel path.... It's easy to miss a Sunday meeting or two, then before you know it, you are on the ward rescue plan. The adversary doesn't succeed with getting people to make one BIG error, but through a series of choices, complacency, and indifference, he can distance us a bit at a time, from the spirit, which is our guide and companion in helping us stay nearer to God. Once we have lost its companionship, or no longer can feel its closeness and promptings, Satan wins."

Read your scriptures! Say your prayers! Go to church! I don't want to lose any of you guys! Satan is stepping up his game so you've got to step yours up too. 

Yesterday was the primary program in sacrament meeting for our ward. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched the cutest little Danish children bear their sweet testimonies and sing the primary songs. The same exact songs that I grew up singing, and that my beautiful little sister is singing back home right now. 

Jeg er Guds kære barn, og han har sendt mig her, har givet mig et jordisk hjem, med far og mor så kær. Led mig, før mig, gå du med mig, hjælp at finde vej. Lær mig, hvad jeg gøre må, for hjem til Gud at nå.

They don't celebrate Halloween in Denmark but today we are gonna be Americans and carve pumpkins. 
I hope you all have a great week! Send me pics of your costumes and jack-o-lanterns.