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October 7, 2013

Brownies work miracles.

What a week!
It was sad saying goodbye to Sister P after being attached to each other every second of every day for 4 months straight. She was more than my companion and more than my best friend.... she was like my right leg! My other half! We worked so hard and learned so much. But now I've started a whole new chapter of my mission... Being a trainer is so exciting and sooo challenging and so much fun! On Thursday morning I got to meet my new companion, fresh from the Empty Sea- the beautiful Søster Madison Grant from Alpine, Utah! In my meeting with President Sederholm he shared with me his spiritual experience where the Lord sent Sister Grant specifically to me for a specific reason. I already knew that was true... the Spirit confirmed that to me the moment I met her. I'm so excited to serve with her and discover why we are here together. I know that she's going to teach me so much more than I could ever teach her. What a blessing that I get to serve with a brand new missionary and witness the very beginning of the miracle that's her mission. We're already best friends and I love her already!
On Friday Sister Grant and I had an appointment scheduled with a cute mom and friend. A member in our ward invited her to church a few weeks back, and she's actually come twice now! The second time she even brought two of her little boys. So we've had this appointment scheduled for over two weeks now, and I was soooo excited to finally meet with her. But the night before, she canceled. I was super disappointed, and decided to call her back and see if we could still just stop by with some brownies. She was hesitant, but she wanted the brownies! So she agreed, and said we could bring by the treats and just talk outside for 2 minutes...
So that day Sister Grant and I baked delicious homemade brownies. They came out of the oven looking absolutely perfect, and we even frosted them with chocolate frosting.  2 minutes before we needed to leave for her house, we went to put a plate of brownies together for her. But when I cut into the brownies only the very top layer was cooked. The rest was all gooey gooey gooey brownie batter! (apparently I left the oven on the wrong setting... danish ovens are confusing...) Ahhh we were horrified! And had nooo idea what to do. The only reason she even agreed for us to come over was because we said we'd made her treats! So we grabbed a plate and some tin foil and booked it to the grocery store with hopes of finding something that looked homemade. We bought a package of brownies that said "som hjem lavet" but when we opened them up they were perfect little cubes individually dipped in chocolate....dang it. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Lesson learned.
When we were biking up to her house it started pouring rain. More like dumping rain. Like I could feel giant rain drops rolling down my face... and taking my make up with it. (Welcome to missionary life Sister Grant!) But she had pity on us when we showed up on her front porch with dripping hair and drenched clothes. She let us come in!! And what was supposed to be a 2 minute brownie drop off turned into one of the BEST lessons of my whole mission. We enjoyed herbal tea and store bought brownies and talked about the gospel. She told us how her little boys haven't stopped talking about primary, and how they ask if they can say prayers every day! She told us how much she loves coming to church, and then- get this- she asked if she could speak in sacrament meeting sometime! She wants to talk about faith and she asked if we could help her prepare a talk to give someday. We gave her a list of the best faith scriptures in the Book of Mormon and she's super excited to start studying.
Holy cow. She is so prepared.
I hope you all had a good conference weekend!
It was amazing to sit in a chapel in Copenhagen Denmark at 6:00 at night, listening to the tabernacle choir sing and thinking of how the exact same music was filling the walls of my own home that exact same moment on the other side of the world!
It was exactly a year ago that my whole life changed. Exactly a year ago that I found out I could serve a mission.
The first page of my journal begins on October 6th 2012... It was that day that all of my prayers were answered. It was that day that my Heavenly Father spoke to me through the voice of our living prophet. It was that day that my whole journey began, leading me to where I am right now. My testimony has grown so much and I have grown so much over the past 6 months that I've been on my mission, and over the 6 months before that, when it all began.
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives, and that He knows and loves me personally. He's with me. He's been with me every step of the way.
I love you all and hope you have another great week!
Share your testimonies. Live them too.
Jeg elsker jer!
Søster Rogers