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April 25, 2013

A Day in the Life!

Today is my third thursday in the MTC. I can't even believe that! I only have three more thursdays and then I will be on my way to Denmark! Well hopefully... first our visas have to come. the group before mine ended up getting temporarily reassigned to Nashville Tennesee because their Visas didn't go through yet.... pray for us! But whatever happens.... after three more thursdays the MTC is history! So today I thought I'd give you an inside look at what it's really like here, since I love the MTC so much!
The day starts dark and early when I happily roll off the top bunk at 6:13 AM. And I'm not even being sarcastic at all. I'm always happy to get out of bed. Weird. I know. Then its a race to the showers, where a lot of the sisters like to re-enact Pitch Perfect. I have yet to take a shower when the girl next to me isn't singing at the top of her lungs, and the girl next to her isn't trying to harmonize with her. Its entertaining...... to say the least. We have to be to class at 7 to study for half an hour before breakfast. But nobody's brains are ready to study that early! So we usually end up making up handshakes or talking about aliens. After breakfast is 3 hours of class... We learn grammar and vocab, plan lessons, teach lessons, play games, and learn about Denmark. Then its an hour of personal study, which is my faaavorite! The scriptures ROCK. I'm in love with them. Up next is lunch time! The food here is OK.... on a scale of one to ten- one being Oak Hills Elementary cafeteria and ten being the Cheesecake Factory- I'd give the MTC food a solid 4. After lunch its back to class for 4 more hours. That seems like a super long time, but it honestly goes by super fast! I'm convinced I have the very best teacher in the history of teachers. Somehow we can learn insane amounts of Danish, be spiritually enlightened, and laugh and have so much fun all at the same time. Its amazing. Then we eat dinner and go to gym! Sometimes we play a friendly game of kickball against the Italians and Romanians (and by friendly, I mean insanely competetive...) and sometimes we go to the gym, where I run or bike while watching mormon messages and conference talks. Its like the cardio cinema at Gold's.... Mormon style! Then some nights we get to go to devotionals, some nights we get computer study time, and some nights we go play the piano. (totally singing Some Nights by Fun in my head right now....) When we finally get back to the room at 10, my park bench of a bed looks even more inviting than a california king size cloud. And after passing out and dreaming dreams where I show up in Denmark to find out they changed their official language to Spanish.... my alarm goes off and it all starts again! The days just melt together and fly right by.
Honestly, I think I'm going to be sad to leave this place! I love it that much. It just gets better and better every day. My roommates have become my best friends, my companions have become my 3rd and 4th legs, and my district has become my family. We do EVERYTHING together. We pray together eat together study together sing together learn together walk together laugh together cry together grow together.The crazy thing is that most of us have little or nothing in common. Like seriously, we all are SO different that not a single one of us would probably ever have become friends in the real world. But here, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is the one thing that we DO have in common. We're all children of God, here to serve Him and preach His word. And i've realized that thats how it should always be. No matter where you are. It doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from or what you think or what you do. We're ALL children of the same Heavenly Father. I love that! And I love the friendships and realtionships that I've built as I've learned to love people the way that Christ loves them.
The MTC is the best thing thats ever happened to me! (Besides the nightgown my mom sent me, and besides the necklace thats a map of St George that Amanda sent me!)
There's a quote that says something about how the companionship of the Spirit is a taste of what its going to be like to live with our Father in Heaven. I think thats why the MTC is so incredible.... because that companionship of the Spirit is CONSTANT. It never ever ever leaves. I'm surrounded by no one but missionaries and nothing but the Spirit. But you don't even have to be at the MTC to experience that! In Mosiah 2:36 it says that WE withdraw OURSELVES from the Spirit of the Lord. God doesn't take it away from us, it's a choice we make ourselves. And so as long as we are making good choices and living what we know to be true, we will always have the Spirit as a constant companion in our lives.
I love you guys so much and miss you all like crazy! Thank you all so SO much for all the love and support and encouragement and prayers!
Hey now that I've shared with you a day in the life (and a million of my other thoughts.....) you should tell me about a day in yours! Seriously. Mail is like candy. I'd LOVE to hear from all of you!
Soster Rogers
Elder Wawro (tall skinny thespian musician) says to His companion, Elder Madsen (huge football player/wrestler/total jock),
"When Christ was born, God didn't send down a football team of angels! He sent down a CHOIR of angels!"
HAHAHAHAHA. made my whole day.
 My soul sister-Soster Peterson
 Hanging out with my bff Joce at the temple
 Danish sosters!
The best district